Free Guide to Mobile Recruiting

A few weeks back I posted about mobile being my new top priority. I’m therefore delighted to announce that MetaShift has collaborated with mobile recruiting legend Dave Martin (aka @mobile_dave) to produce a free white paper on the topic.

You can download our free Guide to Mobile Recruiting now by following this link

The aim of the guide is to be as user friendly and practical as possible while hopefully informing the debate round what I feel will be one of the key topics for 2012.

7 responses to “Free Guide to Mobile Recruiting

  1. Matt,

    Can’t access the guide. Put details in and then there is no clue what to do next!
    Gave up 😦

  2. Ditto Charles

    There is no SUBMIT button

  3. Sorry you’re having trouble guys. If you email me on then I’ll send you a copy directly.

    Could I just asked what browser / operating system you are using? I’ve checked this morning and I’m still seeing the submit button using iPhone and then on Firefox with a Mac

  4. for me, its IE so maybe thats th issue

  5. Matt – this might sound a bit brutal but is intended as altruistic feedback.

    I’ve read the downloade article twice and basically m summary is PCs on the slide – web access via mobile phones on the up – adjust accordingly.

    What have I missed?

  6. @Bill Well yes that certainly is the top line summary. What else were you expecting?

  7. Thanks for sharing Matt. Interesting insights – worth reading.

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