Recruiting Innovation Revisited Day 6 – Work4Labs and the Facebook Conundrum

So we’ve reached Day 6 of the Recruiting Innovation Revisited series (see Day 1 for a full explanation). There is always much talk and speculation round Facebook as a recruitment platform. It is difficult to ignore a platform with a billion active members but at the same time there is huge disagreement about what kind of approach to take. It is also fair to say that many advocates of Facebook recruiting are talking theoretically rather than from any degree of practical experience!

Work4Labs are currently the stand out platform in the Facebook debate. With a large active client base they seem to be cracking the Facebook conundrum and have been successful in an area where other more high profile players (Branchout for example) have failed

In our interview their COO Stephane Kasriel talks about the relevance of Facebook as a recruiting tool drawing on the experience of the 15,000 companies using Work4Labs as their Facebook recruiting platform. He talks about using Facebook in the right channel specific way and highlights in detail three distinct techniques for attracting top talent using the world’s biggest social network

2 responses to “Recruiting Innovation Revisited Day 6 – Work4Labs and the Facebook Conundrum

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  2. Hey Matt. I do believe that W4L are different to all the other types of platforms and methodologies connecting to FB. The difference is that they actual integrate with ATS’. I know, I know, I know, ATS’ are as old as the Ark but in these rainy days are still useful (and most clients still own one). With an actual integration bridge between the two platforms candidate data can actually flow adding real recruitment value. That is why they are ahead of the game. I have seen it in practice and I like it. GW

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