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My new training course partnership with Emarketeers

A quick blog post to announce that I’ve formed a partnership with Emarketeers to offer digital and social recruiting courses.

There are a growing number of fantastic knowledge sharing days, unconferences and workshops out there at the moment in our space and I fully intend to keep participating in them as I think they are doing a great job at spreading knowledge and driving the industry forward. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback though that suggests a number of people and companies would prefer to find out about more about topics like social recruiting in a slightly more structured way and I’m launching these courses to meet that specific need.

It’s very important to me that people always get the best possible experience when I work with them so that’s why I’ve chosen Emarketeers as a partner. They are real experts in organizing and delivering digital training¬† and run courses weekly in some fantastic central London venues. I actually attended one of their other courses myself last month so can personally vouch for both the quality of the venue and of the food!

The first courses are going to be on social recruiting. I believe it is a very important topic which everyone should be aware of even if they aren’t yet ready to integrate it into their recruitment and employer brand activity

We’ve currently got social recruitment courses scheduled for July and September in a great venue near St Pancras and if you sign up now you can get an early bird discount