How to be Social, Broken Recruitment and The Evolution of Employer Branding

I did a video interview a few weeks back with the lovely people at eScouter Magazine and wanted to share it here

Here is time coded guide to the content!

1 min 10 secs – Mobile Recruiting and why current application processes are broken

4 mins 23 seconds – What is going wrong with Social Recruiting and how it is actually being done effectively

7 mins 22 seconds – The evolution of the employment brand and the huge opportunities this is creating

Would love to know everyone’s thoughts. Do you agree or disagree?

5 responses to “How to be Social, Broken Recruitment and The Evolution of Employer Branding

  1. Thank you for the insight! You raise some very interesting points, particularly around the development of mobile processes

  2. Great video Matt. I agree totally re spamming job positions to a few hundred people doesn’t get any conversation going.

    After all, it’s ‘social media’ for a reason. What would be your top tips for recruiting firms to get the conversation going online?

  3. i think the recruitment industry is lagging behind many other industries when it comes to utilizing social media. For many small companies, like mine, it is difficult to really get noticed and to invest the time to get the most out of it.

  4. Very intresting Matt. the only question is how can the resumme can evolve in movile applications era, if it is video how recruiters manage big amount of information in video?.

  5. Thanks Matt. In my opinion most of the companies lack innovation. I was a part of a case study on Fortune 500 companies and their recruiting strategies and was surprised to see that 94% of the Fortune 500 companies lack mobile optimized career website. My team & I have put this useful information in a whitepaper, would appreciate if you guys could share your thoughts on it.

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