Recruiting Innovation 2012 – Video Interviews Launch Today

I’m delighted say that the nine video interviews I recorded during my US trip in March have gone live on YouTube today.

You can see them here now.

As you may remember I spent March in Silicon Valley researching Recruiting Innovation and talking to a number of recruiters, thought leaders and technology providers. I discovered a huge amount across a range of topics but a few things came up time and time again:- the death of the employer brand as we have known  it, how social tools are being embedded into the recruitment process, the role of big data in recruiting, the ubiquitous mobile web and interestingly the potential future importance of Facebook.

The interviews I recorded capture a lot of this thinking in action and I’ll be writing a blog post with my thoughts round each interview individually over the coming weeks. My thoughts will also be appearing on Changeboard who I’d like to thank for their help in distributing the videos. I’m also planning a whitepaper which I’ll publish in late June or early July.

For now though I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the series and the interviewees via another video blog:

One response to “Recruiting Innovation 2012 – Video Interviews Launch Today

  1. Great series Matt, I really enjoyed watching this, I think this is a must watch. Keep it up.

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