Recruiting Innovation 2012 – Mobile, Video and the Irrelevance of Text

So this is the latest and last video blog from my Recruiting Innovation research trip. I’ve now got nine very interesting video interviews recorded which I’ll start posting after Easter. Thanks very much to everyone who has helped me and made me very welcome on this trip. See the video below for some thoughts on the relationship between social, mobile and video and why text heavy corporate recruitment sites are now completely pointless!

4 responses to “Recruiting Innovation 2012 – Mobile, Video and the Irrelevance of Text

  1. Jacob Madsen

    Hi Matt
    Have thoroughly enjoyed your video blogs from the US. As to latest on the use of video in the wider talent attraction/acquisition strategy. There is no doubt that video is and should become a far more widely used medium, be it to advertise brand through to showing/telling about EVP and company in general. Having been on the job seeking end for the last 6 months, I have made it the second point of call researching a company to look them up on YouTube. What we are really talking abut is the old adage of a picture paints thousand words. Within an instant you can from the way a video is made, the structure, the participants, the focus and the content tell so much about a company. There are some outstanding examples out there (let me know if any input/participation in this respect needed, and I will send) and more and more companies are now starting to utilise this beyond the actual selling/branding of a product. In addition there is a more widespread use of video in the actual filling a job context where latest idea is to have a video of hiring manager talking about a specific role. VM ware is one exponent of this. With in many industries an ongoing ‘competition/war for talent’ that in some instances never went away even in tough economic times, converging industries and interests (try to find good strong Java people, the entire online/media/Internet world are crying out for them) there is no doubt that those with strongest and best proposition and EVP are those that will win the talent. For that reason there can be no letting up or leaving any channel unexplored and utilised, why the use of video is a must in any best practice corporate talent acquisition policy.
    Looking forward to Matt’s 9 interviews

  2. Safe trip back to UK and waiting for your video series to come out – inpatiently!

    It seems that one could summarize your feedback around involving every employee in Talent Acquisition. This concept is the gist of social and digital recruitment to come.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Only recently discovered the video blogs and great job, I really enjoyed them. Will be using some of your insight when meeting a big potential client tomorrow.


  4. Well done for the video blogs Matt, this one obviously caught my attention!

    Looking forward to working with you this year as im sure we will..


    Cast Recruitment Videos

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