Recruiting Innovation 2012 – First Video Blog

So my trip is now well under way and before I left the UK a couple of people suggested that I do a daily video blog. Now video blogging and me have traditionally not gone together well so I was slightly unsure. However I thought it might be worth doing a couple of short updates at the very least so here is the first one. NB it was recorded under the influence of severe jet lag, I hope you can’t tell!

5 responses to “Recruiting Innovation 2012 – First Video Blog

  1. Hi Matt

    Great idea and not sure why you feel so unsure about doing the video blog – to me it felt you went through some sort of “BBC” training?

    Looking forward to hear the next one and what wine did you taste.

    O Glass Door – agree that they are kind of below the radar though I feel Lnkd might start getting interested to talk more with them – there is clear synergy. Now the question is why just Glass Door employment why not customer service or anything else where we workers/customers want to voice and share our thoughts?

    Cheers Davor

  2. Nice work Alder! Quite close to camera though> lol. Seriously, keep up the good and interesting work. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Matt!

    Nice video! you have a new follower on twitter πŸ™‚



  4. Thanks for the feedback, I think I might do another one soon!

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